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Custom Machining

At Reau Manufacturing, we are committed to your project, no matter what the size. Simply contact us for a free quote.

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Laser Technology  3030 Trumpf Fiber laser


Fly Lining as seen above is one of the options that make our 3030 fiber laser faster and more efficient.  The one cutting head strategy with collision protection and automatic nozzle changer result in minimized downtimes.  We have high-quality results in thick sheet metal thanks to the brightline fiber option.  We can also cut greater variety of material, including copper and brass.


CNC Milling

Introducing Reau Manufacturing's Newest Machining Center - installation in August 2015. 

The GENOS M560-V is a world class vertical machining center that achieves reduced thermal growth and improved performance and resists thermal deformation with a solid, thermally-stable construction. This machine handles a variety of materials like titanium or aluminum without losing finish quality or productivity. It provides "Affordable Excellence" with its Thermo-Friendly design concept and open-architecture, easy-to-use OSP-P control.


Quick Specs

Max Machining Volume

mm (in)

1,050x560x460 (41.34x22.05x18.11)

Table Size

mm (in)

560x1300 (22.05x51.18)

Spindle Speed



Spindle Motor Power

kW (hp)

22/18.5 (30/25)

Rapid Traverse

m/min (ipm)

X-Y 40, Z: 32 (X-Y: 1,575, Z: 1,262)

Magazine Capacity

32 Tools

CNC Lathe / CNC Turning Center

CNC lathes are modern tools used to precisely machine hard materials. They can be used on metals, plastics, and other hard materials.

Custom Machining Services by Reau

What is a CNC Lathe?

A CNC Lathe, or Computer Numerical Controlled Lathe, is a highly advanced machining tool. Components manufactured on these machines are highly precise, and are able to meet requirements for tolerance and repeatability.

Lathe Capabilities

Our CNC Lathe is highly accurate, versatile, and sophisticated. We are able to program our CNC Lathe by our CAD/CAM process, allowing us to design and cut materials with a high level of exactness. This results in materials and components that are accurately cut and reliable. Our CNC Lathe allows us to machine cylindrical dimensions that cannot be machined by hand. By programming specific processes into this machine, we can quickly and accurately machine almost any custom part in a very consistent manner.

We use our CNC Lathe for:

  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Tooling

Press Break

Our Press Break machine gives us the capability to bend sheet and plate material. At Reau, our press break is computer controlled, allowing us the ability to manage all processes quickly, easily, and with great precision.

What is a Press Break

A Press Break is a machine that allows us to bend, cut, and shape sheet or plate material. We use the press brake for a variety of forming jobs with various dies designs.

Press Break, Custom Machining

 Press Brake Capabilities

The Press Brake allows us to cut and shape materials with dies. With the Press Brake we can create many different types of shapes, cuts, and bends, including:

  • 90 degree
  • V-notch
  • Offset
  • Acute Angle (Air-Bending)
  • Gooseneck
  • Hemming (combines an acute angle with flattening)
  • Seaming
  • Radius
  • Curling or Coiled Edges
  • Channel Forming
  • U-Bends
  • Box Forming


 Additional Capabilities

In addition to our previously mentioned capabilities, we offer:

  • Spot Welding
  • Engraving
  • Sawing
  • Tube and Pipe Forming
  • Painting or Plating
  • Design & Engineering
  • Assembly & Packaging
  • parts 1
  • elev
  • bearings


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