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What We've Done

Reau Manufacturing has had the privilege of serving the elevator and escalator industries for 23 years and we are eager to serve other industries. 

Elevator Parts

Elevator & Escalator Parts

Reau has manufactured elevator parts and escalator parts since 1991.

Transportation / Subway System

Reau replaced all of the drive units for the transportation/subway system in Atlanta, GA. This was to prepare the city for the 1996 Olympics.

Escalator Trim

Stretch bending escalator trim for Washington, DC, Transit.

Elevator Rails

Remanufactured elevator rail brackets for Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN.


Elevator Crosshead Installation

Manufactured Elevator Crosshead Installation Tools that shipped to almost every Schindler Elevator branch in the US.

Transporting Escalator Parts across USA

 Recently we've been manufacturing for the automotive industry.